About HealthPrompts

HealthPrompts is the perfect service to help individuals manage and remember daily tasks. Our service was initially developed by industry leading psychologists to help individuals with ADHD or who suffer from memory loss.

Challenges of ADHD

Individuals with ADHD have executive functioning deficits that can result in difficulty associated with a number of activities:

  • Remembering basic tasks such as turning in homework, taking medications, or keeping appointments.
  • Difficulty organizing materials.
  • Frequently losing things such as car keys.
  • Difficulty starting and finishing tasks.
  • Easily losing track of time.

The HealthPrompts Solution

Our service empowers individuals with ADHD by helping them improve and manage commonly associated executive functioning deficits through the use of Qtext, our web-based task management and text messaging reminder system. Features include:

  • Easy to use web-based application allows access anywhere 24/7
  • Schedule task reminders (e.g. appointments, meetings, or medication reminders)
  • Qtext sends automated text message reminders
Features Include:
  • Schedule one-time, daily, weekly or any type of recurring task reminders
  • Text message reminders can be set for specific times throughout the day
  • Send text message reminder alerts to any cell phone provider (AT&T, Verizon etc.)
  • HealthPrompts does not charge for incoming text message reminders*
  • Easily add, update or delete scheduled task reminders through our task management system

The Benefits

HealthPrompts Reminder System was created by Dr. Adam Schwebach, an industry leading clinical psychologist in treatment of ADHD and is the only text messaging reminder service specifically designed for individuals with ADHD and other memory loss disorders.

  • Research shows that frequent cues and prompts can help those with ADHD function more effectively than when they do not receive such prompts.
  • Our task management system allows you to easily schedule automated cues (text message reminders) for just about any activity:
    • Send text reminders to your child to turn in homework or school assignments
    • Send text reminders to take medications
    • Send text reminders for upcoming meetings or appointments
  • Text message reminders are discreet so they can be received in any setting without being disruptive.
  • Our scheduling management system automates the entire process so you don't have to remember to do anything.
  • HealthPrompts.com is ideal for adolescents and adults with ADHD. This web based program will be vital to work as a predictable and reliable “cue” to help address the executive functioning deficits individuals with ADHD are plagued with daily.
  • HealthPrompts.com will not only help reduce symptoms of ADHD, it will dramatically improve the level of impairment associated with this disorder.
*Your cellular service provider may charge fees for incoming text messages. Please consult your service agreement for details.
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